Did you know that the use of magnets is very wide nowadays and it is very difficult to list all industries that apply the use of magnets. Some of the most famous uses of magnetic energy are:

Storage media: VHS cassettes contain roller magnetic tapes. The video material and audio information is thus recorded on the tape. Also audio cassettes, which are quite rare these days, use the same principle. Similarly, in the case of floppy disks, floppy disks and hard drives record the data.

Credit Cards: All credit cards have a magnetic tape on one side. This bar contains encrypted information about the individual and his bank account.Televisions and computer monitors: In older generations of these devices that use a cathode ray tube, an electromagnet is used to direct the electrons on the screen. Plasma, LCD and LED TVs and monitors use a different technology.

Electric motors and generators: Some of the electric motors work thanks to the combination of electromagnet and permanent magnet, similar to the speaker. They convert electric and mechanical power. Generators do the opposite, they convert mechanical energy into electrical energy by moving the conductors through the magnetic field.

Medicine: Hospitals use magnetic resonance to diagnose problems in patients.

Transformers as holders: Magnets can successfully carry and hold very large masses and are often used to transfer cargo on construction sites, shipyards, warehouses, etc.

Compasses: This is one of the most famous magnet applications. The wrapped needle of the compass shows the north and south poles.

Art and Creativity: Magnetic tapes are often used to hold souvenirs, artwork, and similar applications on metal substrates.

Science: The use of magnets in various experiments is everyday.

Toys: Magnets use their ability to attract metals and use each other as fun and toys.

Jewelry: Magnets can be used to make magnetic jewelry. There are some studies that show the positive effect on the health of a person wearing this type of jewelry.

Metal Separation: Magnets are used in almost all industries for the successful removal of metals and metal deposits in the production process.

Transport: Thanks to magnetic levitation, a new generation of ultra-fast trains can reach very high speeds. The largest recorded speed of the train operating on this vehicle is 603 km / h.

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