Did you know that a magnetic motor when perfected could generate energy that could last for a few hundred years? It’s basically a free energy and clean energy, it’s not toxic like the vehicles are at the moment.

A permanent magnet motor is a type of brush-less electric motor that uses permanent magnets rather than windings in the rotor. Let’s analyze some of the more popular inventions based on magnetic motors.

Perendev magnetic motor

The Perendev has movement, because the magnets on the rotor are sealed with steel. This technique makes the magnet stronger where it isn’t sealed: top and bottom, but makes the magnetic fields (flux) closer. They isolate the magnetic field around the magnets. The steel will not get attracted to the stators because the magnets on the stators are probably also sealed but the magnetic force between top of magnets (not sealed) on the rotor and those of the stators is the strongest and that is why the simulation on this site isn’t perfected yet.


Yildiz magnetic motor

The assembly of the Yildiz motor consists essentially of permanent magnets, plastic and aluminium. However, experiments confirm that, without being connected to any other conventional source of energy (such as batteries, radioactivity, etc.), the motor is able to continually develop torque on a spinning axis, and can be operated by this way as a prime mover. It is remarkable that the primary source of energy is not straightforward to recognize. Moreover, the motor is able to maintain the rotor spinning and to deliver mechanical energy without perceivable circulation of electric currents through the aluminium parts.

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